Supply chains are vital to global trade, and the underlying logistics associated with shipping, receiving, migrating, and stocking goods is central to that success. It’s no wonder that the phrases “supply chain” and “logistics” have become conflated and are often blended. Notwithstanding some selves and organizations using the words reciprocally, many essential contrasts separate the functions, inclinations, inputs, and outputs.



supply chain


Groups that continuously polish methods by realizing business process modernization solutions attain better business upshots, even in change times. Bluebelt can help you unfold supply chain processes through smart workflows to diminish operational pits, counter market agitations, alleviate uncertainty, and sustain business progression. Bluebelt specialists have extensive industry and field expertise to advance the synergies linking your people, data, and processes in supply chain planning, production, and attainment.

The posthaste contrast is that supply chains are accountable for the overall sourcing, processing, and shipment of goods to the end customer. At the same time, Bluebelt logistics directly direct moving and stocking goods between diverse supply chain organizations.