Cargo Insurance policies intended to grant reimbursement cover for goods/freight carried through multiple transport and transit modes. A lot of wealth goes into packaging and transporting loads. And any loss or damage would mean a significant loss. To cover such losses, it is vital to have cargo insurance in rank. Freight insurance can also be taken for goods during shipment. It helps in alleviating the perils related to the shipping process and empowers you to ship your goods more securely.

The purpose of cargo insurance is to cover goods in transit – during land transport and transport by sea or air.
The insurable due or obligation to take out insurance is habitually delimited by a term of delivery, such as Incoterms.

Bluebelt provides excellent Cargo Insurance Service to our clients to fence against the risk of a fortuitous loss. We can arrange insurance cover for all cargo flows, whether by sea, air or land. Bluebelt offers cargo insurance through universal insurance holding companies. Your goods will be shielded from the time they depart the warehouse or your supplier’s facility until they are received at their final objective.