Bluebelt Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. comprises Road Transportation Services uniting all central states in India to a single chain. Road Transport is the primary mode of over-the-road trucking. It aims to transport freight in amounts that fill an entire truck trailer. Depending on the freight class, full truckload shipping has many modes and uses various trailer types.

Having our fleet of multipurpose trucks and trailers, Bluebelt Logistics Pvt ltd awards rival pricing united with a reputable quality road transit and delivery services within India. It is an exceptional choice for shippers who have a significant load measure and need to ship long distances.


Road Transport


Nevertheless, the nature of determinants that regulate truckload quotes can still make the valuations variable. Various viewpoints delimit truckload freighting rates, including:

  • Source and destination
  • Load class
  • Season
  • Fuel prices
  • Supplementary costs

We realize the demand for reliable service from source to dispatch locations, for that we have devoted teams, assuring the efficient and seamless run of your freight. Our services encompass entirely blended operations that provide state-of-the-art trace & trail traits right from freight pickup to the door delivery.

We achieve precise and listed product delivery to all towns over the country. Our dedicated team follows explicit methodologies in transporting delicate and critical goods.

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