Whether you require overnight shipping aids or global air freight transit, we can manage it with excellence, pace, and reliability. With years of expertise in the industry, Bluebelt is appreciated for advancing sound and dynamic air freight forwarding services worldwide. With the speedy expansion of e-commerce, air freight masses have drastically progressed within recent years.

Airfreight is appreciated for its exceptional shipping pace that comes at a high rate. Airfreight valuations are determined by various factors, including fuel surcharges, handling charges, customs fees, and much more, but the air shipping price’s defining aspect is the shipment’s mass. In air freight shipping, both exact and dimensional density acknowledged.


Air Freight


Bluebelt’s global airline alliances extend the most moderate – price, transit time, fixed allocations, and ability to add productivity to our clients’ supply chain management. We don’t just trade price; our goal is to partner with you to adequately accomplish your logistics solutions, aiding you to manage your logistics expenses by implementing the solutions that imply to your business.

Benefits of air freight shipping:
As one of the most regularly used shipping forms, air shipping has many advantages.


The most extensive account of global air freight shipping is its pace. Most air freight is connected through the carriage to the airport, which may add a few days to the time it exerts to transport cargo. It plays an essential part in companies that sell electronics, attire, curative supplies, and pharmaceutics.


Aloof of precise transition times, it provides freight security, worldwide coverage, and fewer interruptions.

Bluebelt Logistics is appreciated for advancing sound and dynamic air freight forwarding service worldwide. With an exceptional chain of accessible executives 24/7, we assure appropriate and cost-effective goods delivery to the desired end.

Our team of air freight experts provides consistent follow-up for every shipment that we carry out.

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